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With the potential to deliver value from day one, property investing is an attractive proposition. But looking for the right investment loan means much more than just finding the lowest interest rate.

We help new and seasoned investors make smart choices about property finance

At GenV, we operate a highly skilled approach to property investing. We ensure you have a solid investment strategy that maximises returns in the context of your circumstances and goals.

Make the most out of your investment with our strategy planning and finance services

If you want to build wealth through property, we deliver more than the average mortgage broker. We’ll create a finance plan and strategy to ensure that the correct facilities and tax effective loan structure has been set up. We give you other tax reduction strategies to maximise your investment potential.

We’ll answer all your questions including:

  • Can I leverage my home equity to buy an investment property?
  • What are the current market opportunities?
  • What type of investment loan best suits my requirements and goals?
  • Am I looking for capital gains or rental return?
  • What other costs should I look out for?

From our interactive tool kits and specially designed loan structures through to our streamlined services and no-nonsense advice, we do everything we can to help you safely and securely up the property ladder. What’s more our services are free.

Ready to maximise your investment potential and grow wealth?

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