About Us

As many of our clients have mentioned, we are much more than just mortgage brokers. We really do strive to go that extra mile for you.

As the mortgage brokers of choice for contractors in the IT industry, we pride ourselves on offering the things we know you really want: an understanding of your situation, cutting-edge knowledge, reliable personal advice and an achievable action plans specifically tailored to fit your particular circumstances.

With our interactive tool kits, extensive selection of mortgage products and services aimed at nurturing the new generation of high achievers in IT, genV goes that one step further by ensuring the strategies we create for you lead to building responsible money management skills now and well into the future.

Our mission is to go beyond transactions and listen to your dreams to ensure that our life-long professional relationship is one that makes a meaningful impact on your lives: a path to responsible wealth creation via sustainable property portfolios.

GenV is at your disposal whenever you are ready to spread your wings and soar. Now is the time to buy your first home or invest in property.

Meet your mortgage brokers


Sean Herman



Sean is a registered Chartered Accountant and is the finance and numbers man behind genV.

He is a father of three (not including the dog), avid Carlton supporter, and who would have thought, chairman of a whiskey club. His business talents started in South Africa, “I always wanted to have my own business, and make a difference”, he recalls.

Early on in Sean’s career he realised how important it was for him to connect with people and help them realise their dreams. Mortgage broking was the ideal way forward, offering personal connections, as well as being able to help people create wealth, while introducing clarity into their financial world.


Craig Schafner



“We never planned to live in Melbourne but we couldn’t be happier. We came to Melbourne for a ‘look see’ on our honeymoon and I convinced my wife to stay – I think that was the last decision I won!” Craig recalls.

Life was great, but something was missing. For Craig, being in a great job as an actuary in the corporate world was not enough anymore. “Mortgage broking was perfect for me. It was finance, property and people related – an ideal combination.”

Armed with his existing financial experience and expertise, ten years ago, Craig together with this good friend Sean Herman, founded Professional Partners – the lead-up to genV.