Posted on: May 15, 2018

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Gone are the days where you could assume that a steady income would grant you some kind of home loan. The current lending environment is a fickle one!

What many fail to realise is that getting approval is much like playing a game of chess – make one wrong move and check mate, you’re declined! 

Why you need a Grandmaster to help you get your home loan approval

Entering the loan game as a beginner (having never played before) or with limited experience (having secured a loan or two previously) is risky. Just like competitive chess, if you make the wrong move you can’t retract it. And a bad move to make is  choosing the wrong bank for your situation. For example some banks’ are ok with different employment modes, some are better with investors and others are better with self-employed.

To combat this, you need a Grandmaster in your corner; someone who has played the game hundreds of times and knows the nuances involved in making the right moves to ensure your home loan is approved the first time. An expert who intimately understands what different banks look for; or when one says ‘that’s your maximum loan amount’, can find others out there that may be more flexible.

Our Grandmaster difference

We’ve been playing in the same league as the banks for over a decade. With a 98% loan approval rate, we’re not shy to say we’re pretty good at playing the game!

If you think you could benefit from our moves and making sure you’re with the right bank, contact us today for a no-obligation chat. We’d love to place our best pieces on the table so your game ends in the ultimate checkmate – your much-desired loan approval!

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